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  1. Congratulations – this recital of Shakespeare’s lines easily unlocks the “Poetry by Heart” badge.

    Unlocked: Poetry by Heart

    To unlock the soliloquy badge that you’re going for, your performance will need to show more evidence that you understand what Macbeth is saying (and feeling) at this point in the play. Remember he has just found out that his wife is dead, and he is facing his own end.

    Rather than trying to be a broken king (something you may not have personal experience of), you might find it useful to think about his idea of the passing of time and how we all come to nothing. He is sad and disappointed – these are emotions we all feel sometimes, and if you are able to summon these feelings as you say these words, you are likely to convince us completely.

    Have a look at the examples of students who have achieved the Soliloquy badge already – I look forward to your next try!


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