Our hypothesis is that if we increase the mass of our helicopter it will decrease the time it takes to hit the ground. Equipment we will be using – Clamp – We will be using a clamp to hold the ruler in place to make it a more accurate test. Stopwatch – To count how […]

What was the change in mass of the tree? The mass changed from 5 pounds to 169 pounds What was the change in mass of the soil? It doesn’t change. What did can Helmont conclude from his experiment? Helmont concluded that Do you agree with his conclusion? What other explanations could there be for the […]

In this speech I’m going to tell you why we should all be against the renewal of trident. I’m not telling you to agree with my opinion cause that would be bias and prejudice of me, all I’m asking is for you to listen to my view and I’m positive you will concur. Think about […]


How does my body control sugar levels with the hormone insulin? Glucose is a sugar needed by cells for respiration. It is important that the concentration of glucose in the blood is maintained at a constant level. (BBC Bitsize) What would happen to your blood glucose levels? You wouldn’t have respiration to keep the blood […]