Wimbledon final 2013. The suspense was rising, you could feel the tension in the crowd. The pressure on Andy Murray’s shoulders the nation depending on this win. Acomplising this would be the first in 70 years.

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still believe in our nation and we can put an end to this. We will rise against it! Do you want to live your lives in terror? I will make a promise to you… I will put an end to this.

Science Homework My monthly electricity cost in my home is on average £30-£40. We use many electrical appliances. These are some I have managed to record… •TV = 100 watts •Toaster = 870 watts •Cooker = ??? •Microwave = 800 watts •Fridge = ??? •Lights = ??? •Consoles = ??? •Kettle = 3000 watts Appliance […]