in Mantua Romeo wakes up and has just had a dream in where Juliet finds him dead but kisses him back to life. Romeo’s servant Balthasar arrives with the news from Verona. to say Juliet’s dead. Romeo decides that the only thing he can do is go to Juliet’s grave and commit suicide there. He […]

The Nurse comes to wake Juliet up in the morning and discovers that she is dead. Then the Friar enters the scene Andes telling them to take Juliet to the Capulets tombs.

Everyone is cheerful and getting prepared for the wedding.

Juliet enters to apologies to Capulet about the way she reacted and is gonna marry Paris now being so confident that the plan would work. Capulet is so exited that he moves the wedding to tomorrow.

In this scene Paris is at Friar Lawrences cell and is talking to him about marrying Juliet. She enters and they talking to Friar about how ugly Paris is and basically takes the mick out of him. Paris leaves and Juliet and Friar Lawrence begin to talk alone. Juliet speaks how that if she isn’t […]

In this scene romeo and Juliet have just spent the night with each other and it the morning and romeo has to leave before they catch him. Juliet request for him to stay as if it was still night. after the nurse comes to warn Juliet that her mother is coming. Juliet mother is coming […]

Paris is sticking around hoping he can marry Juliet. Juliet’s still depressed about Tybalt and Romeo. Capulets way to cheer her up is to force her into a marriage with Paris. Juliet has no choice Lord Capulet decides to go full speed ahead.